We all have been faced with the challenge of staying motivated at some point in our lives. Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of the matter. However, it is the challenges we faced throughout our life experiences that build our strengths and that’s the time our determination for success will have to set in.

How to stay MOTIVATED!

Let’s now separate ourselves from the quitters, because we are WINNERS and we are not going to give up on ourselves. I AM MOTIVATED!

I also have heard that anything you place ‘I Am’ to you become. Go for it, say I am MOTIVATED to yourself a few time if you have to.

Let’s get motivated. I have created an acronym for M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N.

We have to realize that our MINDSET is important. The way we think have a lot to do with what we accomplish in life. The right mindset will make us feel happier, more balanced, more confident and stronger, which will weave itself into your work and your performance. If is fear causing you not to act, please be reminded that F.E.A.R is false evidence appearing real. Come on! It’s time to trust yourself.

That lead us to OPTIMISM and it is very valuable to life, because things happen that are out of our control. Look at life with your best vision. Place a motivational piece on your desk, a wall you see very often at home that will remind you of the goodness of living.

To stay motivated you must have TENACITY so believe in what you are doing and it should give you that extra Humph. Don’t stop because some one say NO, the YES is close by. The extra mile is always worth it. Keep going!

Don’t ever think you can do this alone and this is where INSPIRATION from others are really important. This is where the people around you can support you by being your energy boaster; you can also listen to inspiration audio and or read a good book. You choose, but you need to stay motivated! Hurt people, hurt people, so be careful. Stay away from those who is going to bring you down.The more confident and successful people you surround yourself with, the better your chances for major success.

This part of being motivated is where you get to show your VERSATILITY, because your uniqueness matters. Change it up a bit and get creative with it. You have it within you to be a success. I am here just to remind you!

Never take showing your APPRECIATION for granted. Appreciation shows that you are humble. An act of kindness to someone random can also boast your energy and power up your motivation. By doing so, you show that you appreciate life. Life is a gift. Love it!

This part of staying motivated can be a little more challenging, especially if you are not so motivated. Take a break from what you are doing. Why? A THINKER sees beyond the limitation of the eyes. You can create magic, believe me it possible. Think of a pleasant moment. Do It!

You are an creative being and believe it. What happen is that we spend most of our life competing. Just be creative! Within us are many ideas that can change the world and make life become more simpler. Show that you are INTERESTED in sharing your new ideas. Don’t Keep Them Within You!

This one is key, we cannot get motivated with a closed mind. To put it frankly, we cannot accomplish much of anything living in such state. It is your OPEN-MINDEDNESS that shows your willingness to learn. Open sesame!

Remember what I have said earlier about people who can help you to stay motivated. This is how it happen. You will have to NETWORK to find others to help you with intellectual growth.


“We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities”.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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