Trying is NOT Enough

Trying Is Not EnoughWhy trying is not enough?

Trying is not enough because there is no direct action involved. Can you try to same your name-YOUR NAME. If you did, you will now understand that you either do it or you don’t. Just as the Nike slogan says “JUST DO IT”. Nike sponsors athletes who are actually doing the sports, not someone who is going to try to do the sport.

Too many times we use the word “TRY” as part of our vocabulary in our daily life. It should be “DO” – taking action instead. Recommendation – erase the word “TRY” from your vocabulary today and you will see how much more you get done. Some of the things we often hear people say they will “TRY” to do are: “I am going to try to lose some weight; I am going to try to read a book; I am going to try to quit smoking; I am going to try to go back to school”, and the list goes on. What they are actually saying is MAYBE they will do what they say they are going to do. It is not until the thing becomes a MUST that it will actually be done.

I was guilty of using “TRYING” a lot and guess what, most of the things I was actually trying to do never got done. Why? It was a maybe. In the back of my mind it wasn’t a must so I kept trying. I stopped trying, and now I am doing! Trying is like you are saying, maybe I will do it. “JUST DO IT!”

We all have heard about successful people. They didn’t just try to become successful, it was a MUST for them. So they took action. Likewise, people who are tired of the negative circumstances in their lives make it a MUST to take control of their lives and create the circumstances they want. You too can change your circumstances by changing your TRY’s to MUST’s.

So, I say that to say this:

When you state that you are going to try, there is no commitment. When it becomes a MUST you will have to be committed and by you committing yourself to what you’re going to do, you will get results.

Make the things you want to start or stop doing or accomplish a MUST. When it is a must you will be willing to take action!

Let your task be a MUST for you!


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