Open Your Mind: It is Time For A Break Through

Before I started pursuing my career as a Master Empowermentor (a person who empowers, educates, inspires and challenges his listeners) I came across many people who wanted to simply enjoy their life and were working on being good people to everyone they met. One day I took an inventory on one of the individuals. Let’s call him John. John was in his late thirties, paying rent and driving a car that he constantly had to repair. With all that, John hated his job, complained everyday on his way to the job, on the job and from the job. He definitely hated his job and was living paycheck to paycheck, to make it even worse. John never wanted to talk about relationships, but once said he struggled with it.

In the same company that John works, was Tony. Tony had a brighter look on his face and had a better outlook on life. Like John, he wanted to be a good person and enjoy his life. Tony, who always sees his glass half-full and is very optimistic, had a better relationship with the people in his life. Tony also drives a fairly new car.

I observed both men. They both wanted to be good people and wanted to enjoy life, but their results were nowhere close to each other. You now maybe wondering or saying that Tony had it made and John was given the same opportunity. How could Tony go through life’s challenges without complaining, whereas John seemed to struggle with every situation he faced? Does Tony have a secret formula? No! Tony was not even favored in any way by his boss. As a matter of fact, you could say John had a better childhood than Tony. Tony grew up without his parents.

I’ve wondered at times, and I know you may have had similar thoughts, where the problems we face in life come from? We have a tendency to complain when things are not going the way we would like it to go, but that is not the best thing to do. I encourage you to speak life into your own life by saying positive things. When we self-talk (negative or positive) we tend to experience whatever frequency/energy we put out. That was one of the big differences between John and Tony. They both perceived their challenges differently. A challenge or problem is not more than you, but it will be, if you give it the power to be dominant. You have to take full responsibility and stop the blaming. Moreover the more you complain about the thing you don’t want, the more you get the thing you don’t want. Let’s reflect. Think about repeated situations you’ve been having and look at their similarities. If you keep the same thoughts, you will constantly get the same results. It’s been said that the lesson is repeated until the lesson is learned.

You always know what to do. On the other hand, John thinks he doesn’t, so he always gets caught up in majoring in minor things. Tony knows that he can get through any situation with the right attitude because he has done it over and over and enjoys every bit of the journey. He knows that every situation is for him to be stronger, and he treats it that way. How do you treat your life situations when they come your way? Do you want a breakthrough? Do you really want a breakthrough? Do you know what it looks like?

A breakthrough may not happen overnight, but the one thing you want to do is be prepared. In fact, it doesn’t matter what you believe, the answer you seek is already available to you. It was Lydia M. Child who said, “Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture.” You can change your situations. You can create the circumstances you want. Open you mind, it’s time for a breakthrough.

First thing you want to do is change the way you look at the problems/circumstances you face. What methods have you used when challenges show up? What thoughts have you been acting on? It would be wise to change your thinking pattern, because the problem you have been caused by your current way of thinking. It was Anthony Robbins who said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” There are so many people who are experiencing breakthroughs every day, and believe me, THEY ARE NOT MORE THAN YOU. THEY ARE DOING IT, SO CAN YOU!

You have had breakthroughs before. Right!  Have you done something that you thought was impossible for you to do? Well, that proves it! If you should look back to the thing you have done even though you didn’t think you could before you do it. More than likely it was something that you were passionate about and because you were passionate about it, you stayed committed.  If you want to have the breakthrough you desire first believe in your ability to get it. Without a doubt you have within what it take to do it. You have done it before. Don’t accept a mediocre life. You will have one, if you accept one. Be determined to have your breakthrough this time around. Don’t let your fears take control of you. You need to control your fears. As a matter of fact, I was asked once, what two things I would kill with a stone and one of my option was fear. Now is the time the to LOOK BEYOND YOUR CHALLENGES. When you do YOUR BREAKTHROUGH is certain!

You have challenges. STOP FOCUSING ON THEM. Remember whatever you focus on you will get more of. If you can focus more on what motivates you. You are on your way to a rewarding breakthrough. In other words you want to envision what you would like your life to be like and with that energy things will start to happen. This is when the seed of positive outcome will begin to produce more of its kind. DON’T BE AFRAID TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF! If we can see past our circumstances and focus on what we would like our outcome to be, we are close to the breakthrough. STAY MOTIVATED! This is to say never let you challenges get the better of you. You have the power to react in any way you so please. Please react positively.


2 responses to “Open Your Mind: It is Time For A Break Through

  1. So how come Tony was driving a … better car? 🙂

    • He never take is challenges too serious, so he didn’t worry himself on small things. So he had more time to work on the things that he wants to achieve in his life. He was optimistic!

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