Step Into Your Greatness

 ImageWe already know that all limitations are of the mind or rather how we perceive the things to be. What we have to know is that anything the mind can conceive will be left up to us to believe. By doing so, we will achieve. I remember it was 2009 when I decided to become a speaker. I was mesmerized by Les Brown and used to listen to him in the morning before class and whatever time during the day I could listen to him. I often left the CD’s of Les speaking on auto-play, so whenever I reached my room, a dose of motivation would reach me. I always had hectic days while I was in college. I was enrolled in 15 credit hours, working 2 jobs and was a full-time track and field athlete. I needed the extra motivation.

I stepped in my room one evening about 7:10 pm after being gone since 7:30 in the morning. I was tired and was planning to go to sleep early in order to get up and study for an exam I had in the morning. Upon putting my books down on the bed, it was Les Brown talking and I felt the words as he spoke. He said, “You have greatness within you.” Then he went on to say, “Step into your greatness.” For a minute I thought to myself that this must be coincidence, and before I could complete my thought of the idea that he was not talking to me, his next words were, “You! You have greatness within.” That was my starting point into searching myself for more than what I was doing. However, subconsciously I had doubts. He continued to say, “I know something about you even not knowing you, that you have talent and skills within you that you haven’t started reaching for yet.” As I listened more keenly, because I was now sure that he was talking to me, he then said, “If you should die today what ideas, what dreams, what abilities would die with you.” I decided from that moment that I would start doing more. I made time to go to Toastmasters, and I began writing. It was like I was obsessed with the pen and paper, because even in the bathroom I would write. I would write on tissue paper. Because I never knew that much was in me. It wasn’t long after when members of the track team started to like the poems I was writing. I got an opportunity to write and read my poems for one of the kindest persons I met at college after coming from a different country to study. Ms. Williams also told me, after she heard a few of my poems that I should step into my greatness. Now I was thinking that everybody had listened to Les Brown. The next day in class Mr. Holland, my history professor, stated, “I wish I had your talent,” which took me some time to digest. He then encouraged me to pay attention to my abilities. I was able to publish my book the The Experiences Through the Human Eyes in 2010.

What happened to me the first time I went to Toastmasters was very funny and I wasn’t prepared. They asked me a table topic question that I had been pondering for some time. The question they asked was, “What would you do with a million dollars if you should receive it today.” I kind of knew what I would have used it for. I would buy my mother a house back in Jamaica. But I didn’t answer the question like that. What I said was, “Uh-uh-uh-uh.” You get the picture. I did sixteen of those within the two minutes I was allotted to give my answer, but again I was encouraged to come back. Before I walk out of the building a member of the club said to me, “You have greatness within you.” It was what the person said to me that motivated me to go back the next time, because after I sat back down in my seat from giving my answer to the table topic, all I could think was that I wasn’t going to come back. But it all started when Mr. Brown said to me that day that I should step into my greatness. I know he was talking to me, and 2009 was the first time I ever heard of Les Brown or any motivator like him. Since then I have spoken over 50 times at Toastmasters, schools and non-profit organizations. If I had continued doubting myself and refusing to step into my better self, I would still think that even writing to you now was impossible. To be honest with you, there is still room to grow. By all means; YOU DECIDE, NOT OTHERS!

All I want to say is this; don’t be afraid to step into your greatness. As Les Brown would say, “I know something about you even not knowing you, that you have greatness within you. You have ideas, dreams and abilities that you haven’t tapped into yet.” You know it! The time to start sharing is NOW!

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