I Will Be

I Will Be

They often get it wrong.

I will not blame anyone and or say I didn’t understand.I WILL BE

Not because they think not.

I will be-because I believe what my teacher told me.

If it is to be it is up to me.

I don’t know if you remember this song,

I am a promise, with a capital “P”.

That “P” stands for potentiality.


I too have fallen. But,

I was told, despite the odds.

I should remain tall.

And this is what I come to understand.

Whatever I put I AM to… I can become.I WILL BE

I was pushed times over.

They thought I was weak.

They also got that wrong.

What they perceived as weakness I turn it into strength.

What do you want to be?

Believe me, it is possible to be.

Lack and limitation was given notice by me.

That was after I starved them to death.

Then I developed the courage to make sacrifice.

I want you to know that,

Life is about choices.

My attitude changed.

It couldn’t be disguised.

Because I know that my attitude,

Is a great indicator of my altitude.


Even in my walk they have seen it.

I will be-because I now refuse to stand in someone else shadow.

In negativity, I will not wallow.

My thinking of myself  is no longer shallow.

I cannot be you.

You are already taken.

That’s a fact.

It is time to exercise,

Your authentic self.

I know you can.

The true you is an important piece to the puzzle.

You don’t have to be like your cousin.

What do you see?

Because the mind sees beyond the limitation of the eyes.

The mind sees possibilities.

It doesn’t matter if the task seems up hill.

Remember  what I have said…I will.

 And I believe you too can.

I hope you understand.


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