Don’t Give Away Your Power

Don’t give away your power. What should you let go of that you are holding on to? Who should you forgive that you haven’t yet? What thoughts are you dwelling on throughout the day? Are you letting what other people say about you control your behavior? Are you just making your dreams be only dreams? Do you believe in yourself? Do you know that being powerless is a choice? Do you mean NO when you say YES? Giving your power away is operating on a level that will not give you the maximum fulfillment of your life. If there is hole in the boat, start patching it up! If the holes are not patched up, soon or later the boat will eventually sink. YOU ARE HERE TO STAY A FLOAT. TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!

Being bitter or holding on to grudges will only lower your energy. Therefore, you don’t want to poison your mind with bitterness or grudges because you will only slow down the progress that you are capable of making. In fact, we have to be cognizant of how we use our daily energy. If you spend your time on the negative or on things that are not working, before you know it, you will be drained of all the energy you have. What will happen then is that the things that we really want to do, won’t be done. Why, because you have already allocated the energy that you have on the wrong things. Wherever or whatever you place your energy on will eventually multiply. I want to encourage you to stay optimistic, and I hope you know that no one can take your power away from you unless you make them take it.

One of the other ways you may be giving your power away is through the notion of not believing in yourself. Believing in yourself is very important and it cannot be stressed enough. In fact, this is what is true. We cannot control all the things that may happen to us, but we have the option of how we will react to it. Don’t get all negative because it didn’t go the way you wanted it to go. Don’t start cursing your abilities and think that you are not worthy. YOU ARE, just to remind you!

Don’t allow yourself to be upset. Don’t think you have to control every situation. Don’t let the NO’s steal your enthusiasm. Don’t be upset because your plan didn’t work out. Don’t go around putting too much importance on what people say about you.

You have to accept the fact that not all things will go your way, not all people will see things as you see it. However, if your reaction is anything less than being at peace with whatever happens, you are giving your power away. LET’S RISE ABOVE!

Life is full of inconveniences, but you have the option of what you will do with each situation that you encounter. I once heard a saying that states, life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it.

Be determined to stay powered. The level of your energy will determine how much you get from your day. Be mindful. Sometimes what happens is just there to distract you. The question is; WILL YOU ALLOW WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR LIFE TO DISTRACT YOU and steal your Joy? I hope not! BE EMPOWERED!


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  1. Superb.just what I wanted…..😊

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