What Is Your Credo?

What is a Credo? A credo is a statement or belief that becomes a part of one’s own life, which serve as a reminder in times of decision making.

Do You Have a Credo?

I want to say having a credo is important because we all are bombarded with making decisions daily. A credo can serve as a guide or what some people considered as words that you live by. One such credo is and used by many successful people, “I will never give up” especially in their initial stage of working towards their goal.

What is your credo?

Do you think all successful men and women have a credo? Yes, they do and it is a statement that they live by. Some people may have it as a personal statement others a principle or philosophy, but that is what shapes their lives and molds their destinies. However, on putting your credo together you want to make it short and to the point. You also want to make it simple and keeping it real is very important. Your credo is not where you go into every single detail of what you are compassionate about. It will be your strong statement that pops up in your thought without thinking.

Be prepared, because life will and is going to deal cards that you don’t like. Yeah, that curve ball! Therefore, be flexible. That led me to my credo! “I have the option on how I will respond to each situation throughout the day” I have adopted this statement as I became more aware of who I am.

These are some other credos that I have used and still do use at times:

“I can do this” “I will not quit” “I have made it this far, I’m not turning back now” “If you want to know what someone does with an opportunity give it to me” “I will knock until the door is open” “Give me the chance and I will show you that it is possible” “On this journey possibilities are endless”

By having a credo, you can truly empower yourself. Be reminded that you are special and by having your personal statement of which will serve as your cue. It then serves as a cue which will activate an emotion/feeling within as you are reminded of who and what you are about. Therefore, a credo is a positive statement that encourages you. You will then become a more self-reliant and optimistic individual.


What is your credo? Please share!


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4 responses to “What Is Your Credo?

  1. With God, all things are possible. That is my credo. Thanks for sharing. Nice work and God bless you. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thanks for the post. I never considered this before, but I say these often and they help me to keep going. “He wouldn’t have asked me to do it, if I couldn’t” and “He knew this was going to happen before he asked me to do this so I must go forward”

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