Let’s Measure Your Thinking

The measure of our thinking can be determined by how we view each situation that we are faced with in our life. I have read The Magic of Thinking Big by  David J. Schwartz about two years ago and it is a book that I keep close to me and even if i don’t take it up to read, the name on the book always remind me to think big. Thinking big is a choice and you too have that choice.

I want to share with you five (5) situations from The Magic of Thinking Big on how to measure your thinking. This way you can have an idea on the level of your thinking.

  1.  In regards to your Future: Do you view it as limited or See the future as very promising.
  2. In regards to your personal Goal: Do you set your goals low? Or, Do you set your goals high?
  3. In regards to Mistakes: Do you magnify minor errors by turning them into big issues? Or, Do you ignores errors of little consequence.
  4. In regards to your Progress: Do you believe in retrenchment or at best the status quo? Or, Do you believe in expansion.
  5. In regards to the people you surround yourself with (Companionship): Do you surround yourself with individuals with a pessimistic outlook? Or, Do you surround yourself with individuals with large, progressive ideas? (Optimistic individuals)

Big Thinkers always stretch their vision. This is where; they see what can be and not just what is. It is said that to grow big you want to be thinking big. Are you thinking? Remember, you are what you think. In fact, it always pays great reward to practice adding value to things, to people and to yourself. Most importantly, don’t sell your sell short because big thinkers don’t. Guess what? You are a big thinker! If not yet, start NOW!




5 responses to “Let’s Measure Your Thinking

  1. Love the post and the sentiment inspirational and reminiscent of the saying when I was a kid.. Go Big or stay home. Thanks for sharing such positive energy!

  2. Blessings brother,

    I truly enjoyed your post, it brings back some memories of my journey after finding the Lord in prison. I mean, what does big really mean? Through my experience I have learned that we can not limit God, when we do we limit ourselves in everything we do by what we believe we can accomplish. It’s like saying, “God”, I don’t have the ability to accomplish this, one is actually telling God He doesn’t either. When we understand and look to the Father, only then is anything possible.
    The day we receive that spiritual breakthrough is the day we become truly empowered by the everlasting God.

    I mean seriously, God parted the Red Sea for His children, yet they turned. Peter walked out of prison in the middle of the night led by an angel of God’s army. Jesus healed the blind, the sick, lepers, and on and on it goes, yet one thing remains the same. God:)

    These are the words of Jesus himself in John 14:12 which says; “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do because I go to My Father……………………Revelation, Confirmation, Affirmation, no Limitation, simply an Invitation to embrace, thus harness the depths of the Spirit empowered by an infinite God.

    In a nutshell, Jesus is the man for real, no one has ever came on the scene like Him and do what He did. However, He is saying with great humility, may you do even greater things than I, and I will help you my child. Is that awesome or what? This is the very reason I, through earnest, fervent prayer; ask the Lord what He wants me to do. This way I am not limiting myself, nor my Father in heaven. When He answers-I move.

    Keep up the God work Rich, many blessings to you and yours brother,
    Now let it rain:)

    • Thanks for your commit my brother. This is like a post in itself. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment…I love this part thou…”Revelation, Confirmation, Affirmation, no Limitation, simply an Invitation to embrace, thus harness the depths of the Spirit empowered by an infinite God.”

      • In all truth, this is how easy it is. Just like when you take in a breath of fresh air, which is another invisible power of God that we all rely on every day to live, yet take for granted. As easy and automatically we do this, all other characteristics of the divine invisible power of God are as easily accessible. We only need to embrace them, then they will become automatic without thinking about them. We’ll just do it, because that is what we were created for. Thank you.

        Many blessings,

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