Are You A Thermometer Or A Thermostat?

ThmDo you react to what is going on around you without making a conscious choice on how to? Or, do you consciously choose how you will control your reaction in a given situation or circumstance?

Let’s look at two devices to see how they operate in their given environment. We as humans sometimes let situations make our decisions for us. Do you?

The Thermometer is a device that reacts to whatever is going on in its environment. If the temperature is cold, the reading on the thermometer will indicate the coldness and likewise if the temperature is hot. The thermometer has no control because its purpose is to react to the given atmosphere that it is exposed to. This device HAS NO CONTROL! Do you control how you react to each situation?YTHM

Let’s check your temperature. What is your reading saying to you and do you like it?

The thermostat is a device that causes adjustments to the temperature in any room, office or any other surrounding if it is not suitable or desirable. The thermostat influences its surroundings. Therefore, when the thermostat notices the environment is not at the desired temperature it will make adjustments accordingly.

Do you let what happens around you consume you and lead you to react in the same manner of what’s happening?

We are all emotional beings, but we have the option of choosing how we react to any given situation. If you are like the thermometer you will just react in a similar fashion as the circumstances. That is, if the situation is a negative one you will want to react in a negative way. Likewise, if it’s positive, you’ll react positively. Instead of being on a rollercoaster of emotions, take control of your life. It may not be easy all the time, but with consistency you will develop the habit of controlling your life.

YTHMDo you take control of your feelings whenever you are exposed to a challenging situation?

The individuals who conform to their situations and don’t realize that they are capable of changing their circumstances have taken on the thermometer syndrome.  On that note, be reminded that you are not helpless. You have within you the same power as those who choose to take control. The people who operate like the thermostat are different. They believe that they have the ability to control their emotions in any given circumstance and are able to create a more desirable environment. They influence their environment rather than merely reacting to it. It was Cornel West who said, “You’ve got to be a thermostat rather than a thermometer. A thermostat shapes the climate of opinion; a thermometer just reflects it.”

What will you be-The Thermometer or The Thermostat?

Will you be an influence to someone today?

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