Learning From Others’ Perspective

Life is going to happen regardless of how you choose to live it. You can choose to live from your perspective only or learn from others as life unfolds to you.

To make it clear, we don’t have to follow anyone’s perspective, but we can learn from their perspective. The idea of learning from someone else’s perspective will give you a broader view on how to understand a particular aspect of life.

On this journey we will not be able to learn all that we can from our own experiences. Others are here to make the process less stressful by them sharing their perspective on topics or ideas that we may find intriguing. After I became an avid reader my perspective changed as if I was looking at life through new lenses. I read a story some time ago that I found very interesting. It was a story about a young man who always observed his father taking home the four newspapers that their community had in print. The young man finally mustered up the courage to ask his father why he takes home all the newspapers that share the same information. The father then explained to his son, his reason for reading four papers. His father told him that neither of the contributors writes from the same perspective. They all have their own way of sharing the same information. The father validated his point by saying that he was able to get a better understanding of the overall happenings of his community and didn’t have to be stuck in a box with only the knowledge from one person.

Isn’t that the same reason why we buy multiple books that speak on similar topics? I don’t know about you, but I have bought several books on leadership, self-development, and spirituality, because I want to have a clearer understanding of the subject matter.

Although people today may not pick up four newspapers, we are in tune with multiple perspectives online as we read headlines on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even on Facebook. People are curious, and we always want to have some clarity on what we are reading.

Remember, no two people think alike, and they will not bring the message across in the same manner. However, when you learn from what they have to share, you will be able to develop your own perspective on how you want to take on life. Gaining knowledge can break the cycle of inherited situations, and by you gaining knowledge from others’ perspectives you will start to develop a keen understanding that will bring greater clarity on how to overcome those situations.

What is your perspective on learning from others? Please share…


3 responses to “Learning From Others’ Perspective

  1. Blessings Rich,

    Great post brother. Actually I have enjoyed the last two, forgot to comment on the last one because something came up. Man, that is deep and like you said, quite intriguing brother. This is my perspective, quite simple. The word of God says to have many Counselors so that’s how I roll, and He being the greatest. Keep up the God work brother, you’re shining bright man, you are blessed from above. Many blessings to you and yours.

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