Another Great Day To Socialize

downloadToday was another great day! In fact, I was able to spend the evening with the movers and shakers of the Downtown Atlanta Young Professionals. They are an amazing group of individuals composed of young people of various ethnic groups and professions. This was my second meeting with the positive and uplifting individuals and as their energy transcended throughout the room I could feel the positivity and you could see it on each individual’s face as they spoke with each other. Socializing is a great way of building relationships, and positive relationships are always great. Socializing is also a great way in aiding one to step outside of their comfort zone and helps in changing up your routine a bit. It was Albert Einstein who said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” In fact, many of the people that I spoke with tonight at the meetup gave similar answers as to why they decided to come. Many of them are new to the area and want to meet interesting people, build friendships, and some were looking for job leads.

I wanted to share with you this experience because if you surround yourself with other high energy people, your energy will be lifted as well. So why not go out there and mingle with other young professionals or other meetup groups of your choice and broaden your network? In the process you may also broaden your net-worth. Be reminded that socializing will also help in developing one’s self-image. The more you socialize with others the more confident you’ll become.

What does socializing do for us as individuals?

As I said earlier, it helps to build self-image, boost your confidence level and at the same time allow you the option to learn about other individuals’ interests and backgrounds. Being from a sociological background, which is the study of social behavior, I was taught that socialization is a great contributor to the development of human personality. Therefore, it is an important aspect of our well-being. We develop our own personality through socializing with others. In fact, what we have been doing throughout life is collecting other people’s personalities, converting, switching and re-organizing them and making them into your own. So it is always a great day for me whenever I get the chance to socialize with other individuals, especially my movers and shakers who want to make a positive impact in their communities.

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