The 5 D’s of A Successful Mind

A Successful MindsetHistory has proven to us that it is not foolish to think that you can become what you want. Think about it, there were millions of people around the world who never thought the United States would have a black president, including myself. Many people had doubts that it was possible for someone to go to the moon, but Neil Armstrong didn’t think that.

Life is often compared to as being a game, a game that has a clock that is always running. Bear in mind that this is not a practice session or the first round going up to playoffs then the finals. You have to play each day as if you want to win. The winning I’m talking about is not to say that you are better that the next person, but better than the person you were the day before. That seems like work? Well, it is. A rewarding work regardless! You have to know that the big day of your life is every day that you get to be here. The reason why I said life is like a game is because sometimes you will get intercepted, fall or be placed on the bench. In either of these occasions you have a choice of what you are going to do. If you are in the opening minutes of the game of life, that’s fine, and even if you are in one of the other remaining quarters, that means you have to develop a winning mindset. All that will be on you to determine once and for all if you are going to play the game to win.

Who are you playing in this game of life, the Spectator, the Loser, or the Winner?

The spectators are the majority who watch life happen as bystanders. You don’t have to be a bystander. Just standing there is a choice! The bystanders are afraid of being defeated or have a fear of being rejected, so they sit in the stands and watch as life happens. I hope this is not you! Remember, the clock is always running. Will you put your gear on?

Then you have the Losers. They are individuals who often put themselves down, thinking they are not good enough. A reminder for those who think they are not good enough, is for them to remember that the way one thinks of himself is a choice and if the current choice is not in favor of winning they can always change it. Your condition is not set in stone; you can always make a U-turn.

Then you have the winners. The winners are individuals who set and achieve goals that benefit them and others. Each and every person has in them an innate ability to be a success if they so choose, but it is now left to you the attitude you will choose. The winners have the five D’s ingrained into their mindset. Remember, winning is not all talent, it is what you apply to what you already been given.

If you are a student, athlete, teacher, employee, or entrepreneur and want to get better at what you are doing, you have to apply the five D’s to your lifestyle. If you make these a part of your mindset you can be a success.

The first of the 5 D’s is Drive. There is no way you are going to be a success without being motivated. The thing that motivates you then becomes your drive, and because you are operating intentionally you are more than likely to be successful.

The second of the 5 D’s is Deliberate. Being successful is not by accident, although some people may think so. Being successful is doing something that you love deliberately and that is a good prediction of getting the result you want.

The third of the 5 D’s is Dedication. Being dedicated to what you are aspiring for shows your commitment to being successful. After you identify your purpose, it will be your dedication to reaching your goal that will make your achievement possible.

The fourth of the 5 D’s is Determination. Being determined is a major factor of a successful mind. You have to realize that getting the desirable outcome you want will take a no-nonsense determined effort on your path.

The fifth of the 5 D’s is Discipline. When you have made up your mind to do something with your life, discipline is one of the main criteria of getting that specific result or improvement that you desire. You have to be disciplined to be determined! You have to be disciplined to be dedicated! To be deliberate you have to be disciplined! In achieving something worthwhile, you have to make sure DISCIPLINE is on the list with the other criteria. If not, you will start but will run out of gas!

It is your hands! It now your choice!

2 responses to “The 5 D’s of A Successful Mind

  1. Excellent post my friend! I believe I’ll be pondering those D’s as I prepare for changes in my life as blessed to present themselves via my illness. What one sees as struggle, another sees as an opportunity, therefore opportunity to utilize those D’s are coming my way. Blessings

    • Thank you very much for your kind words and I gracefully accept. With the good work that you have been producing here on your blog, I see you are driven, dedicated, determined, operating deliberately and of-course disciplined! You just going to continue using them as we all can get better. Thanks again and be bless!

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