Are You Living A Relinquish Lifestyle?

Topic from a speech I did in Toastmasters in 2010.

Press On!Are you second guessing your ability? Do you quit before you even give it a try? Do you think you are not good enough? Or you may be saying, why should I try, I am not going to win. Be careful of how you think of yourself! I learned that what you think about you bring about. Therefore, living a relinquished lifestyle is a choice. I beg of you, don’t choose that way of life to live.

“I am feeling butterflies in my stomach right at this point and I have the feeling of going back to my seat.” That was what I said to the audience. However, doing so would have put me in the same category that I’m talking about. I say that to say, don’t quit because you feel like it. Don’t stop trying because you have failed four times before. Don’t think because you have been rejected 10 times before that the 11th will also be a rejection. You have to decide that no matter what, your dreams are more important than a hurdle, roadblock or a simple NO! You are worth more than that! What could be sweeter than the next attempt you decide to make? Perhaps, you become victorious, you solve the problem you have been struggling with, or you create a life changing apparatus. You will win in life if you believe you will win. You have to know that most of the greatest accomplishments in the world came after several attempts or even rejection after rejection. Those who heard the NO’s or got rejected decided then that they weren’t going to live a relinquished lifestyle. I want to encourage you that you don’t have to live that way either. You all were created with the power to be great. You have to be mindful of the words you speak over your life. Your words have power!

You are going to be challenged, so make your mind up to keep going. What you have to do is promise yourself that you will not live a relinquished lifestyle. You will not quit! You already no others who have done so and you don’t want to join that line. Don’t let the fear of failure prevent you from doing the things you really want to accomplish. It was Anthony Robbins who said, “I’ve come to believe that all my past failures and frustrations were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy.” And it was Napoleon Hill, who said, “Before success comes in any man’s life, he’s sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps some failures. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and the most logical thing to do is to quit. That’s exactly what the majority of men do.”

Press On. Ladies and Gentleman Press On! Because in life, if you want a favorable result you have to decide today to make the best of what you have in front of you. If you fall, get up! If you hear NO, go to the next! If you have failed before, be reminded that it is not final. You can go at it again!

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