Fueling Your Personal Potential

Fueling Your Personal PotentialWe all are given potentials of some sort that we can use to make our lives better. However, in order to maximize on the already existed potential within, you have to nurture it. Yes, you have to spend some time on it to develop it. I read something earlier today that reads, “The grass is greener where you water it”. So, if you want greener pasture start watering! You have to become conscious of the fact that in life it’s not always because someone has more potential than you they prosper more. What happen is that a lot of the individuals who we now admire spend the time to fuel what they were given.

It was Bruce Lee who said, “Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.” I hope you too had that feeling as a child, where you were very anxious to learn more about life. Don’t be like the man in the bible who thought because he only had one talent he was not supposed to give it away. Give It! Within that one talent it could have led him to discover something even greater. The sad thing he didn’t come to grips before it was late that he should freely use it up and unfortunately he lost it. If you save your potential to yourself, it will not expand and it is through expanding you will be able to unlock the door to personal excellence. By all means, go ahead and share from what you already know because that is a sure way of fueling your potential. Through sharing you will become better at the thing you want to do. You learn what you teach. You can also fuel your potential by reading more information on the area you want to become an expert in. Don’t forget to practice, as Winston Churchill said, “Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” Remember you don’t have to do all the work on your own. One of the first quotes I had learnt was one by Anthony Robbins that goes like this, “Success leave clues”, so learning from others is a definite way of fueling your potential.

You get better by making your mind up that you are going to, getting better is not automatic. It all happens through your effort and willingness.


4 responses to “Fueling Your Personal Potential

  1. Very true. I love how that saying about green grass. Water where you want greener pasture instead of looking elsewhere for it.

  2. Energizing post. I agree 100%: when I was learning German on my own, randomly, sporadically, I realized that in the months I spent more time learning German, my improvement led to even more motivation and energy. It feels good to see one’s point reaffirmed here in your post.

    • Yes! Thank You! That is how it is at times we have to put the effort into what we want and more than likely as we see improvement from our effort we become motivated and energized! Congratulation on learning German…I am in the process of learning Spanish myself!

      Stay Strong and Positive!

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