You Can Deny It, But You Cannot Lose It

You can deny it, but you cannot lose it.

Yesterday whilst I was reading,

The above profound statement caught my eye.

I stopped immediately to ponder,

Then asked myself, “What have I denied?”

If I cannot lose what was given to me,

Then where is it?

As I went back and repeat the statement.

I wanted to make sure I got all its content.

I immediately say to myself,

“To this that I cannot lose, I must make full commitment”.

As the book spells it out clearly further down on its page

The more people know of this,

Without a doubt their thoughts would be rearranged.

I honestly have to tell you that

You are of Love and You are also Loved.Can'tDeny

No matter how you may deny it,

Just remember you cannot lose it.

Love is the essence of your entire being.

You where created out of Love, and

All you have to do is remember.


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