download (1)AthleteWell the day is here again,

And the application of self to the daily task,

May be a repeat of yesterday. Remember,

Being disciplined is a must.

The thing you choose to do

May be a challenge to you, but still

Apply yourself and be true.

Quitting is not a part of your vocabulary, and

It’s been a while

Since you have thrown that shoe away.

You got this,

Because you have come to realize that the pain

Is temporary.

Your entire being is extraordinary.

As you decide to persist

To complete what you have started,

Pushing past the point of giving up

Will  lead you to claim Victory!

Yeeeeeeh! Make that honorary!

This is not a test run,

Although it is okay to have some fun.

You already made it clear that you are not here to maintain and

Have realized that the worst habit is to complain.

Complaining is a bad habit,

And it is one that you should extract from your brain.

Being disciplined is going the extra mile,

And you know it. That is,

Going even if you don’t want to. Remember,

Being disciplined is a must!


8 responses to “Discipline

  1. You are a living, breathing inspiration! Hugs

  2. I love this! So encouraging!

  3. Inspiring post. Thanks

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