The day of pointing fingers,
Are over!
I hope in your mind,
Excuses no longer lingers.
The thing you have to do
If it is overdue,
Getting it done is up to you. Remember,
Responsibility is not only for a few.
You have to decide to take charge
Pointing fingers,
Are excuses in disguise.
That is not you I suppose
Well if it is not true, your actions will disclose.
Has little to do with your agility.
Since responsibility is accountability
Join them both and
You will increase in your productivity. 20130724_151939.jpg
And I said yours!
Not His or Hers!
You may be wondering if I’m not going to say this,
Yes! You are responsible for your children
But only to certain extend.
Be mindful,
There are certain things you cannot choose for them.
Responsibility can be hard at times
Even to comprehend.
To take you a little further
Consider this a little closer
Because it is your responsibility,
‘To know thyself’!
Now is better,
Don’t wait until you get older.
The benefit of knowing is much greater.1B
Responsibility is on you,
Even for the thoughts you think.
How you react to things
Will either make you are break you, but
It is your responsibility to pursue.
That feeling of tranquility is possible. However,
I know everything you do is your responsibility
But choosing light
Is the easiest way to show your ability. I hope you know
Responsibility is a worthy quality. Yet,
I don’t want you to forget
That you were created to create, but
It is your responsibility
To realize before it’s too late.
You do have a choice on how you live
Be responsible for your choices
By all means


Don’t forget to forgive.
I hope you choose to
Reach out to someone.
A noble gesture you don’t want to overlook
As you know
Showing kindness to Humanity
Is our responsibility!

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