My Doorway To Growth

Learning and growing as become a big part of my life’s journey. A few weeks ago I was granted an opportunity to be an instructor at a college of which I am most grateful for such an opportunity. My passion is to inspire, educate, challenge and be an inspiration to our young people (well to all people). Have I thought about being an educator at a college? Yes, but before now I didn’t want to be bothered with the process. I thought it was too tedious and the chance of getting an instructor job, in my mind was slim. On that note, a young man by the name of Nicolas R. Powell was one of my inspirations as he started his tenure as an instructor Spring of this year.  His stepping outside of his comfort zone, inspired me. Saying all that, I am a very optimistic person so why then did I think I wasn’t able. The thing is we are the person who often stops our own progress. I encourage you to believe in yourself.

However, upon applying to the AMSC I have enjoyed the process as I learn what a philosophy of education is and now I have my own personal statement of which was a requirement to be an educator.

Personal Statement:

I sincerely believe that our lives can be greatly impacted through knowledge and what better way to have it imparted on you but by someone who is passionate about the importance of learning. I personally believe that we all have the capacity to learn, but at different rates and in different styles. As educators we have to be mindful of this and able to reach the needs of all our students.

I do take every opportunity as an opportunity to grow and develop as a person. Do I love going out of my comfort zone? Yes! It is the stepping out of our comfort zone that we’ll be able to strengthen our own ability and in the same process inspire others to develop their strength as well. What I have learnt over the years as a student is that there are certain things good educators have to do in order to get the students fired up and in the same process have them showing their willingness to learn.

These are some of the things educators have to bear in mind as all students learn at different rate and style.

  1. Be passionate about what you are teaching.
  2. Believing in what you are teaching.
  3. Have fun with what you are teaching.
  4. Be enthusiastic.
  5. Pay attention to your students.
  6. Your appearance should ‘turn up’ a notch.
  7. Be clear on your objectives and expectations.
  8. Have student be involved in class activities.
  9. Be knowledgeable of the subject you will be teaching.
  10. Going the extra mile and that is even once.

Those are just a few ways to get students motivated. However, my thing to you today is never be scared of stepping outside your comfort zone. It is always outside of your comfort zone the opportunity will present itself to you for growth.

We will always be presented with the things we seek. Therefore, it is better to be prepared for the opportunity that we don’t have as yet because our prayers do get answered. However, not always in the same medium as we hope for but the open door will not be too far off. Stay Focus! Continue to Believe! Have Faith!

Most Importantly Remember You Are Not Alone!


4 responses to “My Doorway To Growth

  1. Hi Rich,
    I really enjoy your post and your energy, and encouragement. I may not always comment. But i do read and absorb our messages and they do help. Thank u for all the positive energy you pass on to us all. It is very much appreciated!

  2. Nice post. Thanks.

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