Reflection-Who Knew…?

Today gave me an opportunity to reflect on my life’s accomplishments. By knowing that I was helped tremendously by many, gave me an opportunity to show my appreciation for the encouragements and the support that I have received along the way.

Sometimes all someone need is an opportunity. If you are able to give such a gift, give it with a willing and open heart. You know the saying, God blesses a cheerful giver.

I will not be able to list all who have pointed me in the right direction but after leaving high school in 2000 the President of the SDC thought I had some ability in me, although I had zero subjects or, credits. As I am here reflecting, he was right. Knowing that, please take the time whenever you can to encourage someone because that one encouragement may change their life forever.

As I have shared before of my unpopular background (you can say popular) because a lot of us can relate to not having some of our basic needs met whilst growing up as a child. What I have done today was not in my vocabulary of any sort to pursue whist growing up. However, is your dream possible? To where I am today I will say to you without a doubt your dream is possible. Bear this in mind, “Where you are in not final unless you believe so”. So what I’m saying is that, you can always get more out of life if you believe you can. That is to believe in yourself even before you have an opportunity. The opportunity will present itself as you work continuously towards your goal.

Stay Encouraged! Stay Optimistic! Stay Positive!

I am a student who has received scholarships to attend college, but before then I would tell people I am not one of the fortunate few people out there. Why? Because of the circumstances I experienced as a child. Can you become a success even if you are poor? You and I know that is a rhetorical question, because you can absolutely be a success!

Whenever I speak and the circumstances allow me to, I often share my experience with pride because it was my test that has now become my testimony. Today as I spoke to the members of the Lincoln University Foundation on the benefits of receiving scholarships whilst I was studying at the university I had the opportunity to tell them thank you and to share with them what such an opportunity has allow me to accomplished. It was at Lincoln University that I realized that I have in me more than I thought. You too have within you untapped potential, so I encourage you to tap into your own reservoir of ability. Please be reminded even if you have an opportunity it is not the final destination because you will still have to work as hard or even harder. An opportunity will help to make your dream more attainable. Therefore, you have to work the opportunity.

There is no doubt you have what it will take.

Have you been told that you will not amount to anything? Erase that thought from your mind, because that is a myth. I can boldly tell this, “It is not what anyone thinks about you. It is what you think about yourself.” However, thinking about myself in such a way didn’t become a part of my vocabulary until I was in my twenties. Actually I received a track and field scholarship at the age of 24 where some coaches would not look in that direction unless you are an exceptional athlete. I was definitely above average as Mr. Thomas the coach of Lincoln University saw me competing at the Miami Classic and offered me a scholarship. Although he told me that I was a little too old and my response to him was, “If you want to know what someone does with an opportunity gave it to me.” I don’t know if it was that statement or my ability because that day I ran a 1:54sec in the 800 meter race. I say that to say this, “Don’t give up on yourself!”

Well, from being at the University I was given the opportunity to broaden my horizon and dreaming big became my hobby.

I want to encourage you to dream big!

To be continued…


5 responses to “Reflection-Who Knew…?

  1. Dreaming big friend. We can all do things that we set our mind too, you’re right. Have a wonderful today or tomorrow, depending on where you are. Smiles

  2. I’m dreaming big, thanks.

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