Did You Know?

Did you pics.pubDid you know?

I too was attacked by the notorious dream killer but not before I came to the conclusion that there was not anything to be feared. I did something about it. Then and there my mind was made up to defend myself of which I shared earlier today on what I have done to the dream killer. In fact, the dream killer that I am talking about is FEAR. I have killed fear in self-defense and the people who witnessed the event refused to show up because they too were rejoicing as they got the chance to realized that the thing they have feared could be overcome.

Did you know?

You were created with unlimited potential and it just a matter of tapping in to your unlimited reservoir. I don’t know if you have felt the urge to do something before that you may think is out of your reach of doing. If you have ever felt that strong urge it is an indication that you are capable of doing it. Do what I have done and kill fear. Fear is an illusion.

Did you know?

It is time to reacquaint yourself with your vision. You are stronger than the challenge you may encounter as the world is waiting on your light. Be cognizant of this because no one will be able to do what you are here to do. Therefore, you want to continue to pursue that vision of yours.

Did you know?

The experience you are having at this point is VALUABLE. You may not like your current experience but I want to encourage you to pay attention to what is going on. It is said, the listen repeats until the listen is learnt. You can look at yourself in the picture and that can be done through reflecting.

Did you know?

You are capable of shifting your vibration. If you are experiencing low energy, it could because of the thoughts you are dwelling on. You are both a transmitter and a receiver of energy. You don’t attract into your life what you want; you actually attract what you continuously think about. You should pay keen attention to the thoughts you dwell on.

Did you know?

It is the EGO that causes us to be in conflict. The EGO doesn’t like harmony and if you continue to be friends with the EGO you will come short of what you are capable of doing. The EGO is ‘Edging God Out’. The EGO cause separation and when you are separated from the Creator you will not be as strong as you should be.

Did you know?

To change you current circumstances, you will have to first change the awareness of yourself. You will not change if you continue to think of yourself in the same way that lead you to the circumstances that you would like to change. How you think have a lot to do with the changes you want to make.

Did you Know?

You were created to create. God created you out of Love and loving Life is loving God. Being inspired is being InSpirit. When you are InSpirit anything that is outside of Love, Harmony, Peace and Joy will not be able to take residence in your mind.


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