Don’t Hold Back What You Have To Give

Don’t hold back what you have to give.

What you have can be someone’s inspiration GN

Therefore I urge you to give.

Despite your situation

The world awaits your declaration.

What you have within you,

May just heal someone’s frustration.

Therefore give love.

Don’t hold back what you have to give.

I am not able to give what you are here to give.

As each of us interpret life in our own way,

Today provides an opportunity to give.

Do so and don’t delay,

A kind word if you may.

I beg of you to give.

And even if it is just a smile

Your smile could be someone’s encouragement,

Encouragement to go the extra mile.

Whatever you can give, give it


Give Now!The thing about giving,

You don’t have to ask how.

Don’t sit around in dismay

Or sit on the isle that is ‘SOMEDAY’.

There is power in giving, and

It is a very essential part of living.

You don’t have to wait until you have much to give

You have within you something of worth

Even to spend a little time with someone

May bring them comfort.

As you do,

You are giving back to life

And as you give

It returns to you.

Even God smiles when you contribute.

Don’t forget forgiving,

It is a valuable attribute.

When you give forgiveness

You open your heart for Love

And the more you give

The more you give to yourself.

Don’t hold back what you have to give,

As your contribution to the world around you

Could be someone else’s revelation.

I hope each day that you live to see

That giving has become a part of your decree.

It’s up to you to choose where you want to give

As you will be making a difference

Your effort may serve as someone’s assurance.

Giving is serving!

Serving is giving!

Whichever way you put it,

You have already been given

Therefore, it is your time to give.


2 responses to “Don’t Hold Back What You Have To Give

  1. Nice and so true.

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