What is your modus operandi?

Three times in a row today,Golden Circle

The question WHY was mentioned.

As I reflected,

I know it wasn’t for any form of irritation.


Can serve as your motivation,

And at the same time illuminate your operation.


Brings clarity,

And at the same time enhance your opportunity.

As I shared my reason why,

In my first encounter

The motivated young Asians

Simply reply,

WHAT is known by many,

But not so certain about their why!”

As you may know What you do,

Your What is simply not enough, because

A simple test may derail your modus operandi.

If you are not certain about your why.

Just as Langley, who quits

Because his What was stronger than is why.

In a deciding moment,

If you have a stronger Why

You will be more able to get by.

How you do what you do is important. But

As a reminder,

Your Why for your success

Will serve as an reinforcement.

I encourage you to keep your why alive. Keep it

At the forefront of your mind.

Although, it may take longer than you expect

For your endorsements.

Your Why will facilitate,

Your deportment.

You are on purpose.

Therefore, stay focus on your WHY!


2 responses to “Why

  1. Yes, if anyone ever hast he chance to read the book “start with why,” or watch Simon Sinek present information – do it! You can also youtube the author. Good stuff.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I have have watched the video myself and when you look at the concept, it way take on whatever you are doing in life. Start with the WHY!

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