You Are Creative

You are creative!

As you can see I didn’t ask a question.

Because within you

You have your own collection.

Let’s go back to kindergarten

Because I know you are creative

I will accept

That it is only forgotten.

Do you remember when you colored

Outside the line.

If I should suggest

All you need is a shift in your paradigm.

You are creative!

We would like to see something new

You can start today

And make it your debut.

As your creative prowess develops,

With a deeper part of your being

You will be connected.

And as you become more consistent

Make creativity your intent.

But to take you from good to best

You need to be resilient.

The thought of an idea

Is your conception.

If you follow through

You will attract some attention.

Consider each step forward

As your progression.

Now you know that your expression can be different.

Share your thoughts.

As you create,

Some will compliment. But

Be mindful of this,

Not everyone will understand you.

Therefore, it boils down to you,

If you want to pursue.

Never let the idea of you not being creative

Settle in.

Do it continuously

Until the desire is deep within. Then,

They cannot tell you to color inside the box,

Because with your creative zest

You’ll become unorthodox.


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