We all should be, but

I cannot force you to be.steps-to-self-reliance

Yet I hope you will agree.

I have come to grips that giving up

Would not have allowed me to grow up.

From then I have decided

To work diligently on my self-confidence.

And becoming self-reliant,

With my authentic self I am now reunited.

You have already chosen your assignment. So

To fulfill your quest

Self-reliance is a requirement.

I hope like many you will decide to follow suit.

Before you know it,

Your consciousness will be at an higher magnitude.

Because being self-reliant will make it easier to take on the journey.

And you too can be released from the EGO’s custody.

You may want to know what is my remedy!

I know that I am connected to the divine.

Not sometimes but all the time.

With the above line,

All what you think you need1lion

Has already been provided. In fact,

Being self-reliant

Can be the bridge at a deciding moment.

And believe it or not

You are your own opponent.

And being independent

Is a stem from being self-reliant.

Life is a self fulfilling prophecy

And being yourself

Is a choice you have to choose consciously.


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