Will make a whole lot of difference.Commit

To get this out the way,

Most importantly don’t break the commitments

You have to yourself.

Do you have a personal goal?

Don’t ever think you will be able to get the best results

By operating cold.

To Commit

Is to be fully engaged.

Don’t be afraid to throw yourself at your dream,

Although your commitment

Will not prevent you from the feeling of going upstream.

You will still be in a better predicament.

Because your dream you have already foreseen.

Your ability alone will not suffice.

You being committed is paying the price.

And the good thing about commitment-

You don’t have to be the best.

Just be more committed than the rest.

As you commit, you invest.

Then tenacity

Becomes a part of your personality.

Greatness has its price!

By making a commitment to improve your life,

You show that you recognize

That if you are to be, you have to more than verbalize.

Commitment will amplify and

By your continued effort

It won’t be long before you will glorify.

And even before you complied

You were qualified,

But you would not know

If you weren’t committed to grow.


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