Wanted!This one is for you.

Sitting with your gift laying dormant.

Today I am serving you this warrant.

This warrant is to encourage you,

And I hope you will no longer believe

The life that they have prescribed for you.

Because inside of you there is a light.

Abundance is your birthright.

This is not like a casting call.

In the market place your gift is WANTED. So

Don’t worry you can come as you are!

Take heed, access is granted.

It is your time to play

Now you should get busy in the game of life

And share your gift

But before you do

You first will have to admit,

Then commit

Yourself to what God has given you.


And even if you were adopted

You have already been counted. And

Because we are all one,

You need to be mindful of the fact that

You have already been assigned a plan.

I know all this may take some time to understand, but

Energize Your Thoughts

Is what is printed on my wristband.

But as you take the first step

There will be no regret

Because we often regret what we didn’t do.

So today I want to encourage you

To ensure that you will follow through and

Because you have greatness within you.


I am talking to you!


2 responses to “WANTED

  1. Thank you! This is beautiful.

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