What Are You Waiting For?

Life is going to happen whether you take action or not.

Nothing is wrong even if you have to

Make your own appointment.

Because inaction is the destroyer of dreams

And even without knowing you

I know you want to achieve.

Then I urge you to get on board

What are you waiting for to live your dreams?

Start today to act on your dreams.

What you want may be outside your comfort zone

And you may be wondering if you can do it alone

Or start to worry because what is out there is unknown.

The result you may get could be beyond your imagination.

Therefore, don’t wait for all the information.

What are you waiting for to take some action?

They may tell you that you are not good enough

I beg of you

Don’t listen to that bad stuff.

You don’t want them to be thinking for you.

Follow your heart.

Yes you, you are smart.

What are you waiting for to think more of yourself?

On this journey you cannot avoid being disciplined,

And if you have a thought that you’re NOT capable,

That thought is toxin.

And because the universe is always fair,

All that you want is available.

What are you waiting for to step out on FAITH?

I am going on a Messenger Summit Trip to Liberia to Energize Their Thoughts and if you love what you have been reading and would like to support me for this journey, I graciously will appreciate it. Thank in advance!

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