Your Realest Job Is To Be You

Your ‘realest’ job in this world

Is to be you.

That wasn’t me.

I was living, comparing as if I was subdued.

I am glad of the day I became conscious

I immediately withdrew.

That leads to this,

When was the last time you had a conversation

With yourself?

You to You

And you don’t need a mirror

Just a quiet place. Spending

Time with yourself

You don’t need to be in a hurry

Because within you is an awesome database.

So, when you are in such a graceful place

Remind yourself

That you are not just here to maintain

But to proclaim.

That which you know to be true of you. And

It won’t be long before you will notice

A transformation. Because

You will no longer be a caterpillar.


Your own eyes will be captivated by your beauty. Then

There will no longer be room for imitation,

Because time with yourself

Is actually purification. By all means,

What other way to be your best

Than loving yourself.

The best part about that

You don’t need a request.

Decide today

To be the owner of the ‘realest’ job.

Because there is no application,

Only concentration.


2 responses to “Your Realest Job Is To Be You

  1. Thanks! This speaks loudly.

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