Going Beyond Limitations

I know you may have set boundaries.

GBLYou will have to be willing to go

Beyond what your eyes are telling you.

This is not a coincidence,

As your duty here on earth is to grow.

Growing is not just getting older

And I hope you are not settling for mediocre.

So I beg of you,

Don’t give all the power to your eyes,

Because the eyes see limitations.

And with your vast potential,

Don’t settle for what is going on around you.

All that is just a mere disguise. But

As soon as you realize

What was once a wish will start to materialize.

In fact,

Once you decide to go beyond limitations

The thought of being realistic

Only contradicts

The whole idea of what is now possible.

Don’t give yourself any barriers.

You are a thought away, because

Where you are now is just a plateau. So

Your duty is to envision where you want to go

Because settling is a violation

Of your true definition.

Whatever you decide to do

Is now left up to your interpretation.

And if it gets too hard

Just remember you are not alone.

On your knees

You will get connected through a direct line

So in limitation don’t be confined.

Sometimes all you need is a break,

A break to meditate, because

The thought of being limited

Is what you have created.

Now it is up to you to go beyond the illusion

And confusion.

As with anything

You will have to bear in mind

It is going to take your execution.

With the final result

You will realize that whatever the limit was,

It was your own creation.


2 responses to “Going Beyond Limitations

  1. Absolutely. Keep that eyes beyond the self-imposed limits and keep that eye on the prize. Cheers.

  2. I overlooked this one…Thanks The Anchored Robin for committing. I constantly remind myself to keep my on the prize.We have to!
    Have a bless one!

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