Keep Your Head Up

Keep your head up.

I remember the first time I heard those words.

I heard but I couldn’t comprehend.Keep YourHead Up

I was wondering what was wrong with this universe,

As I thought everything I wanted from life was withheld.

My frown was my smile.

I guess I couldn’t pretend.

To be honest I wasn’t feeling life,

And in darkness I was, as I searched for light.

I don’t know how you are feeling at this point.

I don’ t know what I can add to your life at this moment

For you to feel more content.

Despite your feelings

I want to say this – Keep your head up.

Not just to look at the sky.

I want to tell you this-

You are going to be prejudged.

It’s not for me to explain,

Because I don’t know why.

So when they tell you NO

Or you are not qualified,

Don’t let that stop you

As you are not here to be denied.

So I want to tell you – Keep your head up.

I know you may be out there toiling

As the inspiration inside of you is boiling

And you show up as you were told. But

It is you who has to be conscious,

Conscious of the thoughts you uphold.

You don’t want your dreams to be foreclosed,

But sometimes how you feel is hard to be disclosed.

Despite that, Keep your head up.

And as life unfolds for you

You have to find what fuels your drive,

Because you are not here just to survive

But to THRIVE.

So, Keep your head up!


3 responses to “Keep Your Head Up

  1. Great message thank you

  2. Reblogged this on Energize Your Thoughts and commented:

    Just a reminder…We have keep our head UP.

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