Stretch-Your Gifts Are Not To Go Undiscovered

StretchWhen some people see the word STRETCH.

They go immediately into distress.

But to declare your time

You have to be willing to STRETCH.

Stretching doesn’t only apply to the physical, but

To achieve your dream, stretching is critical.

Do you have a goal?

Reaching it should be your concern.

But to step into your divine destiny

Stretching can also serve as your therapy.

Who are you?

Now it’s time to look beyond the current you.

Your seeds of greatness that you’ve been keeping secret.

Stretching will help you to reveal it.

If you procrastinate,

You are setting up doubtful thoughts to dominate.


It will help you to understand your emotions. And

As you are prompted to act,

Stretching will enhance your progression.

But to get the full benefit of your STRETCH

You may have to apply it in repetition. So,

STRETCH because your gifts are not to go undiscovered

Even if you have to stretch a little more

Because know one else has your combination.

In fact, if you don’t allow yourself to stretch

You’ll get caught up in the funk of stagnation.

So, stretch even into the unknown.

I hope you know that

Know one can take your place,

But for you to protrude above the surface

You will have to STRETCH.

That is, if you want to get what you have already been promised.

Now it is up to you to make what you have work.

You have what you need to fulfill your purpose, and

It is not the money, but your ability.

And as you recognize

You’ll be energized.

So, STRETCH to make your dreams materialize.


2 responses to “Stretch-Your Gifts Are Not To Go Undiscovered

  1. We often thinking about pushing ourselves but not about stretching ourselves when it comes to achieving our dreams. Thank you for such an inspiring post! 🙂

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