Understanding Your Emotions

Why am I feeling like this? Should I get involved in this relationship? Should I have sex with him or her? I feel sad every time I think about going to work. I feel at peace/happy when I think about going to work. This situation makes me feel uncomfortable. Every time I smell that cologne I get really emotional or irritated.

We often question ourselves when we are about to make a decision. In fact, different incidences in our lives may cause us to react to life in a certain way. If you don’t get the understanding of your emotions you may fall in the same circumstances over and over again. We often make decisions by the way we feel about the situation. Our emotions are real. As hispromiseistrue commented on part 1. of this post, hate, sadness, anger, love, peace and happiness are a part of us as individuals, but it is when we understand the reasons behind our emotions that we are more apt to do what causes the emotions that we want to experience more of.

Whatever the feelings you are having, you should take note, so you can identify the source. You may want to journal your feelings. If it’s peace, note the source. If it’s anger, note the source. If it’s joy, note the source. Take time to identify the cause of the emotion that you become aware of.

However, understanding our emotions can be challenging, especially if we don’t pay attention to them. In fact, who should be more knowledgeable of YOURSELF than you?  You spend more time with yourself than anyone else, so you should be able to identify emotions that trigger your behaviors. Well, not in all cases, because for us to really get the full understanding of certain emotions we have to first identify the source. When you identify the source you will be more apt to deal with the emotion at hand.  In that case, you will be able to tell what caused you to feel the way you do, because our thinking, behavior and actions are influenced by our emotions. 

You are going to find days when you don’t feel your best. Maybe someone cut you off in traffic. Maybe someone you know said bad things about you or a situation at your job caused you to get very defensive and angry. On the other hand, you may hear a song and you feel good or your phone rings and the name that shows up makes you start smiling and dancing. Sitting outside in your garden can give you a peaceful feeling and walking in the park can make you feel more content within yourself. Those are just some of the instances of which you can take note of to identify your emotions. As I said before, if you can identify your emotions you will be more apt to understand your emotions.

I want to share with you a comment by Amy C from the previous post:

“Just last week which was the first week of school for me, was overwhelming because I kept feeling like I was going to be overwhelmed which made me sad. Then I kept dwelling on becoming overwhelmed, so I was getting even more sad, then sadness happened. But, on Friday, I told myself I was going to get rid of that feeling by devising a plan to get things in order. I did and this week, I am feeling like, “Bring it on; I can do this!” I am now experiencing joyous and peaceful emotions. Hallelujah!

“After reading this post, I now realize that I was recognizing the emotion that was trying to overtake me, but failed to overcome that emotion and just gave in to it…”

I chose to share her comment because that is what happens at times when you don’t understand why you are feeling the way you are feeling. When you are knowledgeable of your feelings you will take the appropriate step to counter the feeling so you can be more productive sooner rather than later.


2 responses to “Understanding Your Emotions

  1. Thank you! This gives even more insight, which is really helpful. GOD bless you and yours.

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