You Are Prompted For a Reason

Your prompting is an indication

That you already possess the ability.Prompting

So let me interject,

Because the fear of not acting

Could be closely related to your mentality.

Your prompt could be a sign of your calling.

Prompting is an indication that there is a better future beckoning.

So don’t ignore.

If you have done so before,

Your prompting is present to reveal to you more,

Revealing that gift you have buried deep within.

So, if you have been ignoring that inner voice,

Your inner voice will only take so much.

So I urge you to act on your promptings

As what is inside of you will come out pouring.

Because from your heart the prompt came

You should act, especially if the prompting is the same.

Your heart speaks truth

And the prompt is an indication

That you have already been approved.

There will be times when the feeling gets very intense.

To it give reverence.

As you step forward with faith,

Because it is your calling,

Not everyone will understand.

Yours could be Simplicity, Patience or Compassion.

Your prompt is divinely guided because of your mission.

Will you embrace it?

Even if it’s to start your own business?

The prompt is your ticket.


The prompt is to reveal your gift,

And as you reveal it,

Others will be uplifted.

Because the prompting is your special assignment

Accomplishing is up to you.

So that prompting, it’s time to pursue.


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