Strengths-Make Them Personal

Wisdom and Knowledge come from learning something new.

You are on a journey, no one is going to fit your shoe.

With that in mind,

Is your mind constantly challenging the status quo?

Creative you are, just to let you know.

Sameness is not for you because you want to develop your capacity.

Then, why not show your Curiosity?

If you are unlikely to judge

And can keep calm with two contradictory thoughts,

You are showing your strengths of Open-Mindedness.

That makes you more apt to show fairness.

We are in a state of evolution.

By all means, for change there is no substitution.

So, if you are in the state of sitting back and watching,

Substitute that with the Love of Learning.

Certain things can’t be stopped,

Especially if you are coming from a place of Love.

Nothing is wrong with you sharing your Perspective,

But if you doubt that you have strengths

It is fear that has become your contraceptive.

Wisdom is available but are you receptive?


2 responses to “Strengths-Make Them Personal

  1. Great post brother, Hallelujah and many blessings to you and yours.

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