Are You Lucky?

A breakthrough has no season

And you may have heard NO’s so many times

You often ask what’s the reason.

If you stop what you are passionate about

Because of the NO’s,

That in itself is treason.

You maybe wondering where to start.

As everything around you seems to be falling a part.

Where is my lucky break?

A question that you may ask.

In all honesty,

I found a break in doing the allotted task.

So I went on to read bios of the successful.

Then, I realized that they had days that were stressful.

They also took risks and stayed up late,

Because they knew that they had to play a keen role in their fate.

They were also driven to their knees

And that didn’t stop them.

Will it stop you?

Well I should tell you, they prayed.

Their trials continued,

But with persistent effort they were rescued.

And that was because they weren’t afraid to dream big.

So dream big,

But that won’t stop you from encountering walls 

And Dream Stealers.

But only you can prove them wrong or right.

So for your dream, don’t lose sight.

And for your dreams to become a reality

You have to continue beating on your craft.

Then your passion will become obvious.

And for your secret

Others will become curious.

Create your luck by doing the best you can and don’t take the NO’s personal!


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