You Are Not Stuck

I am stuck.

You are not stuck!

From such a thought

You need to be unplugged.

So let’s take a trip down to your core.

Because spiritually you are perfect.

Perfect in all aspect.

Even though you may have done things

That make you unsure.

But YOU, God really adores.

As for this trip,

It is how you perceive yourself,

As it is so important

That we know THYSELF.

And if you don’t like what you see,

Changing it,

YOU have the privilege,

Because your experience is connected deeply

To what you believe of yourself.

But don’t forget that you where created uniquely,

So you need to LOVE yourself completely.

Your mental blueprint

Was formed from all who were around you.

Now it is up to you

To fulfill your mission.

But when last have you listened to your intuition?

Don’t let where you are be your tradition,

And don’t be like the elephant

Who is chained to their limitations.

You have the option

And it is you who has to remove the EGO

From the question.

Because the ego

Will remind you of what you have done.

So, first neutralize the ego,

And that is done

By loving YOU unconditionally.

So being unstuck

Is the total acceptance of oneself,

As it is the beginning of the journey.


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