They May Think You Are Crazy

What you do today will have a lot of influence on your destiny. As Tony Robbins says, “It is in your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped.” I was influenced today by the movie “Here Comes The Boom”, although when I saw Kevin James on the front of the DVD case I was looking forward to having great laughter. The movie turned out to be more than just funny, it was inspirational and showed how simply deciding to do something can really make a whole lot of difference.

Just because you haven’t done a thing does not mean you are incapable of doing it. You will not know if you are capable, until you give it a try. Go ahead, dive in! This movie depicted some real life examples where all it took was making one decision to change the lives of many. Look at this depiction from the movie for example. Kevin, who played Scott Voss, the disillusioned biology teacher, made a decision to help Marty the music teacher continue serving in his position for the school they worked at. Scott didn’t have a clue of the possibilities for raising the money for his friend Marty to keep his job and provide for his family, as he was about to become a father again. Scott decided to fight to raise the money. He got beat up a lot, but he had a stronger passion for saving the music department and doing something great. He got the breakthrough of a lifetime when he got the opportunity to fight at the UFC Championship. Remember, he was a 42 year old amateur with little training. You don’t have to literally fight to help the cause you want to benefit, but if you put your passion and drive into whatever you want, it may just become a reality. Scott’s action was simply selfless and was much needed at the time, not only for Marty the teacher but also for the students who enjoy the music class. I love this quote by, Dailai Lama XIV, “It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others.” So like Scott, after you have the desire to make a difference, all you have to do is decide and get busy doing it!

Scott, who they thought was going to lose, turned out to win his first UFC Championship fight. He had some preparation from the underground fights, just as in life you don’t know when your opportunity will come, so you have to stay prepared. Life is going to hit you. It will hit you hard, but with stern pertinacity you will be able to sing your victory song.

 The second inspiration I want to share with you is about Scott’s brother, also played by James. Scott’s brother was very miserable in his current job as a painter and was always in confrontation with his wife. He loved to cook and one day he and Scott were talking and he made mention of why he was uncomfortable with his current job. He told him it was because it was not what he wanted to do in the first place. He was just doing it because of his father. Scott asked his brother what he wanted to do instead, and he said become a chef. Scott, who had made connections with one of his student’s parents, got his brother to work at the parent’s restaurant. The question for you is, are you doing something that you never wanted to do because you are trying to please someone else? Do what you are passionate about because that is where joy is going to come from. In the end Scott’s brother and his wife were happy, because he was happy with what he was doing.

Two important lessons from “Here Comes the Boom”:

  • Just decide, even if others think you are crazy – Scott decided to be a MMA fighter at age 42  and eventually saved his co-worker’s job as the music teacher.
  • Do what you are passionate about – Scott’s brother found happiness after he became a chef, as he now was doing what he always wanted to do.

All you need to start the process of becoming successful is the desire, which should be followed by action. You don’t have to know what the end result will be before you get started. Just get started and the end result may be even more than what you thought would come from your effort.


4 responses to “They May Think You Are Crazy

  1. I believe your last paragraph to be powerful my friend! Just thought you should know.

  2. Thanks Belinda for you kind words, I couldn’t resist from sharing what I got from the movie – It inspires me!

    Happy “Kindness Day”

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