Success Is yours If You Just Want It Bad Enough

Parts from a speech I gave in 2012!

Do you want to change your current circumstances? What I have come to realize is that you can Do It once you really want to! Now, do you believe what I have said? I have to tell you this as I, myself was forewarned upon making my decision to go after my goals. Plain and simple, take “easy” out of your mind.

On that note, what I have come to realize is that our minds can be directed to bring us the life that we want without having to settle or suffer. It boils down to two important factors, our thoughts and attitude, as they are what differentiates success from failure. There are many definitions of success, but only one definition of failure: Giving Up. You have already started the journey and that means you are closer to being a success. This cannot be stressed too much as you and I know it, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

How much do you want to be successful? Well, these are things that you will have to implement as you sojourn on your quest of becoming successful. As I stated earlier, success means different things to different people. Remember, wanting something bad enough may cause you to lose sleep or even cause you to forget you haven’t eaten. As John Wooden said, “Don’t give up on your dreams, because if you do, your dreams will give up on you.”

Now that I know that you want success, you will have to:

  • ™Develop the Drive for your success.
  • ™Develop the Determination to go after your dreams when challenges set in.
  • ™Become Dedicated to your what you are doing.
  • ™Discipline yourself enough to act even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Feed your burning Desire to succeed by following through with action.

And believe me it will not end there. As with any desirable goal, you will need to apply continuous effort and the willingness to go the extra mile as the process is going to need it. Success always boils down to how much you want it. As my first mentor told me (back in 2008), do not expect someone to give success to you, because there are no free lunches out there. He stated that it was hard work; Drive to beat the odds; Determination to be better; Discipline to succeed; Dedication to withstand the pressure and use action to amplify the Desire. That is how you will become successful.

Remember, success is easy, if you just work hard enough.


2 responses to “Success Is yours If You Just Want It Bad Enough

  1. Procrastination impedes success. I definitely agree with disciplining one’s self, even when you don’t feel like it. Perseverance is crucial in success. God bless you my dear brother.

    • You hit the nail on the head “procrastination impedes success.” I always say what my mom told me…”Keep knocking even if the door is closed”.

      Thanks and you have a bless day yourself. One Love!

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