Keep Your Head Up

Just a reminder…We have to keep our head UP.

Energize Your Thoughts

Keep your head up.

I remember the first time I heard those words.

I heard but I couldn’t comprehend.Keep YourHead Up

I was wondering what was wrong with this universe,

As I thought everything I wanted from life was withheld.

My frown was my smile.

I guess I couldn’t pretend.

To be honest I wasn’t feeling life,

And in darkness I was, as I searched for light.

I don’t know how you are feeling at this point.

I don’ t know what I can add to your life at this moment

For you to feel more content.

Despite your feelings

I want to say this – Keep your head up.

Not just to look at the sky.

I want to tell you this-

You are going to be prejudged.

It’s not for me to explain,

Because I don’t know why.

So when they tell you NO

Or you are not qualified,


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