Self-Esteem Will Raise The Nation

Thinking that you have to have power over someone else to feel secure within yourself is a myth. You don’t have to! Feeling secure in yourself is knowing that even if you give a helping hand to another person that will not steal what it is for you. What is meant for you will be yours, so don’t stop believing. In fact, this is where your self-esteem really matters, because if you can feel secure within yourself and refuse to have a scarcity mentality, life itself will be better for you. Remember, there is enough to go around. So, I urge you to feel secure in your abilities and never forget that you are magnificent. RAISING YOUR SELF-ESTEEM WILL RAISE THE NATION!


2 responses to “Self-Esteem Will Raise The Nation

  1. Thanks for the inspirational postings. Just getting a chance to check all my emails. I have been so busy the past few days.

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