Find The GOOD in Your World

Find The GOOD in Your World

Finding the good in life is a choice. I know there are a lot of challenging situations going on, but for a moment take your mind off what is not going the way you would like and focus on one thing that’s going good. You may initially think nothing is going good, but ask yourself are you alive, do you have a friend, do you have family, do you live in an area that offers supportive services, do you have a job, do you have water? The list goes on. However, as we go forward, let’s go with the attitude of appreciation, love, harmony and joy. When we do, we tend to grow even more abundantly. We all have high aspirations for ourselves (I hope 🙂 ) and with that being said, I want to remind you that you should never forget to Find the Good in Your World. How do you find the good in your world? As I said earlier, appreciate what you have now. You also want to make the conscious choice to be happy, find the positives in everything and more so in the things you choose to be engaged in. Also, remember to laugh some more. Why laughter? By laughing you can heal your spirit. As it has been said, laughter in the best medicine. So, why not use a medicine that is free and at the same time makes you feel good. Feeling good is always good. Life is what we make of it and you can accomplish more once you are grateful, optimistic, open-minded and delighted about life. BE GOOD!


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