Someone Need To Hear Your Story

ShareI have had a lot of lemonades. Sometimes I even had unsweetened ones too. My body has become fully alkalized and my strength as become personalized. I say that to say, don’t shy away from utilizing your lemons. Life is good all the time even with our lemons. You will realize once you utilize that which you was given. Furthermore, when I was growing up as a youth and going to church and I kept hearing the pastor saying these words “Your test will be your testimony” for some reason I could not put all that together. I knew I was tested, because my life was not supposed to be as challenging as it was. Well, that was what I was thinking to myself. Especially when I could see others on my street having their basic needs met. I often complain to myself, but more so asking God what was the reason. For some reason, I knew that my challenge wasn’t going last, but wondered when it would subside. I still do experience challenges. However, then one of my favorite songs was, “Never let Babylon know your secret”. That was, I never felt comfortable letting others in on how I was feeling. I say all that to say, what you have experienced is not just for you and I have been experiencing that more each day as I LIVE daily.

Iyanla-quote-sharing-your-storyToday provided for me a great opportunity to reach one of my students. I will say this, challenge will not avoid you because you are handsome, not handsome, pretty, ugly, skinny, and fat, and light skinned, dark skinned, curly hair, too curly, rich or poor. Well, you get the gist. A challenge will be a challenge despite who you are. The think that matters most is what you’ll do with it.

However, to go back to the student who could have been in high school with me due to the closeness of our age? He came to my class and asked me, “Why I always encourage them”. Because sometimes all you need is the reminder, was my immediate response. For the next two weeks my students have online class as it is a part of their personal develop course. However, the moment I began sharing with the student some of the challenges (as I do like to go with how I feel in the moment) that I have personally overcame to be in the position that I’m in today. That alone provides me all the reason to believe that possibilities are endless. Your adverse situation can be a great impact to someone’s life. The student who came in the class looking worried, not so driven, had a totally new outlook of which even his physical disposition changed. I know I have said, that we should encourage others, but sometimes our stories will do a lot more than just encourage. It will help them to realize that the challenge itself is not in their path to stop them but to strengthen them.

To get back to what I stated earlier about my test and how it is now serving as my testimony is that, I am realizing more and more that some of the things we have went through was just there to build our character. However, as there is a quote that goes like this, “If you are going through hell, keep going”. A light is at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, if you have been through challenges and overcome it, share your story with someone who maybe going through a struggle. Their disposition may just change.

There is power in your story. I have witness that today in its fullest effect. However, as the student was leaving my presence, he stated that, “I needed to hear your story”. Don’t shy away from your test, because your test will soon be your testimony.

Obedience will bring abundance!


8 responses to “Someone Need To Hear Your Story

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  2. Amen! Absolutely! There’s power in your story. Don’t be afraid to share with others how you have overcome your trials and tribulations. You might very well save someone from going down the path to destruction. God bless you my dear brother.

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