Your Belief Is Contagious

Fridays at the after school program is one of the places where I have the opportunity to see creativity at its best. Well, to me it is flexible Friday and students get an opportunity to draw anything that they want. A few Fridays ago, JB asked for drawing paper and went back to his seat to draw. I looked from where I was at the student (JB) and his eyes were fixed on his paper. He was focused to say the least. I then walked over to see what he was drawing and upon looking at his drawing I couldn’t make sense of it. So, I asked JB what he was drawing and he stated that it was something from his imagination and that he was very good at doing so. All I did was affirmed his statement. However, I left him to continue and about five minutes later he brought the finished product to me with a big smile on his face and then went on to say, “I told you.” This little boy was very convinced that he was very good at drawing from his imagination and although I still could not make clear sense of the drawing in its complete state I put an ”A” on it and encouraged him to continue to use his imagination.

Some of the other students who saw the drawing didn’t think it deserved an “A”, but the student’s attitude was very positive as he went on to state that he’ll even do it better the next time. What a good way of looking at the situation, I said to myself. One of the good things about this little boy was that he was very confident in himself and his ability. He didn’t complain about the others’ statements but stated that he will do better the next time. What would you do? Would you complain when others critique you or choose to do better next time?

The student was programming his mind by saying positive things and believing in himself. More so, he was monitoring the thoughts that he chose to fill his mind with. We always have a choice and I encouraged JB to continue believing in himself. The boy chose to say that he was very good at drawing things from his imagination. What are you telling yourself that you are not good at? Do you even try? If you put information in the mind that you don’t want, you will only get back the information you don’t want. Put what you want back in. Furthermore, the things you believe about yourself are what you will have to deal with in your daily living. Therefore, choose carefully what you put into your mind. By all means, I was really impressed with JB who believed that he was very good, because as he believed, he also fed positive thoughts to his mind. Don’t let your thoughts be contaminated with the idea that you are not capable. Be like JB who banished doubt from his mind.

As a matter of fact, something else that was interesting about the whole thing was that JB’s belief that he was very good at drawing from his imagination caused another student (AJ) to also want to believe that he was just as good too. Seeing that type of behavior in these young students was amazing. That is to say, your belief can be contagious, and before you know it, others will start to believe in you and themselves too, just like AJ, who saw what JB had shared, came to the conclusion that he too was capable.

2 responses to “Your Belief Is Contagious

  1. Interesting ideas to think about. When we are critiqued, another alternative is to evaluate whether the critique is valid or not. Is it coming from someone who really knows something about the area of critique, so someone just expressing their own frustration? If someone has an opinion, that’s fine, but what I do with that opinion has to eventually be sorted out by me. I can’t (or don’t want to) relinquish my beliefs about myself to the possible “whim” of someone’s opinion. Just thinking on paper. Fascinating points! Thanks!

    • Thank you very much Ms. Deborah for commenting and I like what you said “…so someone just expressing their own frustration? If someone has an opinion, that’s fine…” have a bless one!

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