Run Your Own Race

Be your best, do your best and God will see you through. This is a phrase I learned when I was a child. The thing was, I didn’t take heed until later in my life. That is to say, your only concern should be to be the best you possibly can be. I don’t know about you, but I have fallen in the trap of comparing myself to others, asking how they can do some things and I can’t. Don’t fall victim to comparing and then refuse to be the best you possible. What you have to know is that the best possible you may not have the same accomplishments as someone you may have gone to school with. However, once you are being the best you, that’s what’s important. In fact, you don’t even have to be the most talented, knowledgeable or creative of your peers or your household, but that should not stop you from being your best.

For this trip to be of worth- be you, because you don’t want to be  distracted as I have been at times by comparing yourself to someone else. Doing so can stop you from being who you can be. RUN YOUR OWN RACE. I used to hear that a lot as a 800 meter runner, because I would train a certain way and then get caught up with some of the other runners who had different strategies for their competition. Sometimes some athletes would run fast at the burst of the gun and sometimes slow. I can recall clearly the best races that I have ran, win or lose, were when I ran my own race.

You may not win at all that you do. However, be you at all times. I wrote myself a mantra sometime ago that goes like this, “I can do this, I will do this, I must do this.” Well, that was how I started out when I started last year to blog. I may not be considered as the best writer, speaker, or educator in the world, but I don’t get up each day complaining. What I do though, is focus on being the best me possible, as I am here to run my own race. Likewise yourself. You have to run your own race. Not everyone trains alike, and even if you are on the same team, you may still do things a little different than the other person. You don’t have to be the best to get started. All you have to do is be the best you possible. As a side note, at the initial start of the blog I was going to write for a month. I got no feed back. So I continued.


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