Don’t Get Comfortable With Lack Of Progress

Continue to climb the ladder of success. Your effort is a requirement for your success. Furthermore, the success you want will not be handed to you so forget that policy. However, I am a true believing in faith, but don’t believe in sitting down and wait for things to happen. As a matter of fact, you need to know that all great achievement have its process. I remember when I started out on the journey of becoming a better person, as I prefer to say today, recognizing my purpose of being here. For some reason I could not break my foreboding habit of thinking less of myself and that caused me then to get comfortable with the lack of progress.

These are some of the reasons why individuals get comfortable with the lack of progress. They become comfortable:

  • By lowering their standards.
  • By believing that they are not worthy of success.
  • By thinking that they don’t have the ability to get the job done.
  • By hanging with people who don’t want to progress themselves.
  • By listening to discouraging people who don’t believe in you.
  • By thinking the task is too difficult.
  • By thinking they are too late. (Old)
  • By procrastinating.

I will say this; ALL people would like to make progress. Although that maybe true, you still find people who don’t believe in themselves. In most cases it is the lack of belief in oneself that cause most of what listed above to take root in the minds of people. Before I go any further I want you to know this: You have to be willing to embrace your magnificence because and know that you are wonderfully made. Once you can accept that you will be able to break any foreboding thought you may have of not being worthy. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

How did I get out of the habit of getting comfortable with the lack of progress? First and foremost, I was sick and tired of hearing that I was capable of becoming more. First thing to remember, you have to believe that you are worthy of that which you want to accomplish.

For that reason, I started to apply R.A.D.E. principle to my life. What is R.A.D.E.? R.A.D.E is acronym I formulate to remind myself of the task I have set out to accomplish. I know whatever I wanted to accomplish will take:

  • Responsibility – You want to progress. It is your responsibility to take the necessary steps that will provide the opportunity for your success.
  • Action – You have to get involved in the process for progress.
  • Discipline – You need to be discipline as the journey often take more steps than we sometimes anticipate.
  • Energy – How are you spending your time?

Take the next step! Don’t get comfortable!

Believe in Yourself!


8 responses to “Don’t Get Comfortable With Lack Of Progress

  1. AirportsMadeSimple

    Someone once told me that you if you feel the “lack of progress,” yet keep moving, sometimes that’s exactly when the breakthroughs happen. Always liked that! 🙂

  2. Getting too comfortable is never good. We always must evolve and set goals. Enjoyed reading this. It will be a pleasure following your blog.

  3. Williams aladi charity

    Another wonderful article. I enjoyed reading your messages because each time, I keep discovering new things. I ask God for wisdom to apply this to my life. Thanks .

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