Make Hard Work Easy Work

How can I make hard work become easy work? I didn’t think that hard work could eventually become easy work. As a child I considered farming to be hard work, but I had a friend who LOVED farming. When my friend and I would go play, he would sometimes dig holes in his yard to plant things. Sometimes we would help him, not because we loved it, but because he was our friend. Then we could always ask for some of what he planted when they were ready. I couldn’t understand why, but writing this paper reminded me of him saying that he enjoyed doing it. I’d often wonder how he could enjoy doing something so hard.

Do you know that we are the ones who give meaning to the density of the work we engage in daily? Believe it or not, work is not really hard nor easy but it’s more so enjoyable or undesirable. You should ask yourself the question, am I enjoying what I am doing? With that in mind, the next best thing to know is that whatever you have done is not wasted. Knowing that in itself will change the game of how you perceive the things you do.

Now you may be saying that some of the work you enjoy doing is hard. I will say this, it is not hard. The thing is, you may not enjoy doing the work you love at the time you are doing it. Could that be the factor in thinking the work you are doing is hard? If that’s the case, it is not really hard. It is only undesirable at that point of you doing it. If you can come to the understanding that cause and effect are one, you will begin to understand more about life and that our labor that is done out of love always bears the fruit of enjoyment.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius

What my friend did when we were kids was just to give an example. However, you have to know that whatever works you perform it is not wasted. Even if you are not thanked for what you are doing you can assure yourself that the work you do is part of a greater purpose. Therefore, your effort is not wasted. Remember, just as how a seed grows through faith, you will have to have faith in doing that which you enjoy doing. Furthermore, lasting success normally evolves slowly and once you make hard work easy work, you must enjoy doing the work that you are doing.

“Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still.” Henry David Thoreau 

The secret to making hard work easy work is simple; all you need to do is enjoy doing that which you are doing.


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