Have Faith

The task that is in front of you
Maybe immensely overwhelming.
Still plant your seeds.
And after germination
The shoot, the bud
Is simply the works of the
Universal Subconscious mind.
So let it be,
As through your imagination
You have perceived your aspirations.
In your eyes the road may seem long
But I hope you’ll understand.
That all paths must be trod step by step,
Even if it’s to the pinnacle or a slope.
Faith you’ll need
As it will keep you afloat.
In fact,
The fruits that are enjoyed today
Was from the seeds of yesterday.
No journey is too burdensome
Once you take it step by step.
With that,
Take impossible from your mind
And continue taking your steps.
Today is the most important time of all.
So even if you have fall.
Get up!
Go out and meet your ship.

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