Don’t Take What You Have For Granted

If you have just a little in your position, still be grateful. Some people have nothing. If you are going to a job that you don’t really like, not making enough money, you still don’t complain about it. In fact, you have made the choice on going. You can seek better opportunity, but don’t complain. Also, if you have months/days still leave at the end of you paycheck, still don’t complain about it. As I have said some time ago, when you complain you are planning to remain. The complaining I’m talking about is the whining, why me? However, that is not what I really want to address today. I have said in my previous post that you should send a prayer up for those who don’t have the same opportunity as you do to celebrate with family to share a meal. (Thanksgiving meal)

Today I went out with the intention to purchase some things that I have been looking at in the stores hoping to get a deal. I got a better deal. A deal so good I walked off smiling. However, upon leaving the first location I went into the car with the intention to exit at the sixth exit from where I came back on the highway. Somehow, I past the exit and went to a gas station just to wash my hands. Well, that was what I thought. I came out of the car with the to-go plate that had earlier with nothing but bones and a roll that I didn’t eaten. I was approaching the dumpster and a young man approaches me saying, “Are you going to throw away that”? “Yes” I responded. Then it struck me about the thought I had the day before of those who may not have anything to eat.

This was my opportunity to give. It is opportunity like those that really humbled me, humbled me even more when I do get such an opportunity to help someone who is genuinely in need of the help. In fact, I knew today was going to be a good day (smile), because my first purchase out of $20.00 gave me a return of $17.92 back in change. My second purchase out of $50.00 gave me the same amount and it wasn’t until that time it caught my attention, of which I declared to the cashier and he stated that he’s going get those numbers in cash 4. In mind, I wondered to myself when I was leaving out of the store the what was the reason for the synchronicity.

I say all that to say, be grateful and don’t take what you have for granted. Some people would want half of what you have. So when I stated that I walked off smiling, it was because I got the opportunity of blessing someone, because I am blessed.


2 responses to “Don’t Take What You Have For Granted

  1. Nicely put, thanks.

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