It Is Your Turn…

The things you want are POSSIBLE. It may take some time to accomplish, but it is POSSIBLE.

First, I want wish you all abundant joy, happiness, love and peace of mind for this Christmas holiday. Also, I wish for you a prosperous and bountiful New Year where you’ll see your dreams and aspirations come to fruition.

It is your turn to start living your dreams. However, to do so you have to make the plans necessary that will make your dreams possible. Also, if you have fallen it is time to get back up and play the game.

To live your dreams you must have a VISION. If you don’t know what your dreams look like you’ll find it hard to focus. Having a vision will help you to focus in on what you are about.

Having a positive ATTITUDE should be your intention. Remember, your attitude equals your altitude. I know you have heard that life is 10% of what happen to you and 90% of how you react. How will you react from now onward? That being said, your ATTITUDE is going to play a vital role in the success you seek.

Make sure you don’t have too much bags, because your flight is already on the runway. You are very close to the weighing station. Stop and do a final check.  Because having too much bags may prevent your take off. Therefore, to take off in the season you may have to LET GO of what doesn’t work.

To make this turn your turn you’ll have to find that thing that excites you. That thing that excites you so much that you look forward to each day. What excites you could well be your PASSION. Then focus in on that passion. That passion may just be your PURPOSE.

You may feel in your bones that there is something more in life to achieve. I hope this is not a shocker to you, because for any positive change you’ll need to be ACTION-ORIENTED. You may have heard this saying before where “the universe rewards action. Therefore, you and I are no exceptions to the rule. So, get busy doing what you love.

Also, to make this your turn you will have to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Remember, what others thinks about you is there thought. Your success should ties closely to what you believe about yourself. Believe that you are capable and believe me the process will be much easier. Therefore, to make use of the opportunity that will come your way you will have believe that you are capable of making this best of them.

You are one of a kind and YOU MATTER. However, they have said success leave clues. Therefore, it is okay to learn from others and doing so really help to cut out some of the time that it will take to reach where you want to go. It is your turn to stand on the shoulders of giants.

What we think matters. In the same fashion, what we eat matters. Therefore, having a healthy mind will also need a healthy body. Having a more healthy body will require for you to be very meticulous on the things you eat. In this case, doing so will take DISCIPLINE. Developing a new habit will take some work. You will have to tell yourself that doing what you say you are going to do is going to benefit you tremendously-be it thinking more positively or eating healthier. Such new habit will take discipline to develop. Furthermore, you can seek out an accountability partner for your new quest.

Making this turn your turn, you’ll need to be RESPONSIBLE. I was told once by my mentor that I should not ask what my country can do for me, but what I can do for my country. It’s time to find what you can do for your country. I know you have what it will take within you!

Remember; as you liberate yourself you’ll automatically liberate others.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope 2014 brings all that you need and more.



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