Right Attitude; Poor Self-Talk

Evaluation time-

How was your attitude towards your goal last year? What was your self-talk like towards your goal?

Our attitudes are important in all that we do. Our attitude is aligned with how we respond to our daily situations. However, our self-talk will serve as the difference maker. Why?

Too many times we have heard of people who talk themselves out of what they are capable of doing, because they feel inadequate about his/herself.

You have heard time and time again that you are powerful beyond measure. Being powerful beyond measure does not change because of your circumstances, the thing is, what are you saying to yourself?

Never forget that you are created with all that you need to make this year your best year ever.

Your self-talk will serve as your internal motivation. Everyone needs motivation, so make sure to ones you give to yourself is uplifting and encouraging.

In fact, with your self-talk you want to be specific with what you are saying to yourself. The general statements don’t work. Remember, your subconscious mind is going to act regardless of what you sent to it.

As a matter of fact, to change the habit, you will have to change to words. Therefore, you want to be impeccable with the words you say to yourself.

You are created to create. Don’t talk yourself out of your greatness. Your old programming of you not good enough may come to your conscious mind the minute you start talking to yourself in a different way.

If you starve the old way of thinking by focusing on what you would want to see manifest in your life, and I will say this- don’t get discouraged. A new habit will take time to develop.

It won’t be long before the old habit will starve to death.


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